V2.1 Chip (Improved Cruise-control performance)

V2.1 Chip (Improved Cruise-control performance)

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The programming updates provided by V2.1 are now available as an upgrade path for the original V1 and V2 ShiftSense Pro units (all units produced prior to September 2022).  This chip can be installed in place of the original chip to provide the driver three options for shift-map selections:

Level 1: Lower RPM shift points, less aggressive.
Level 2: (default selection), optimized for all around performance and has been the baseline programming on prior units. 
Level 3: More aggressive shift map, designed to achieve slightly higher RPM for performance driving and trailer towing.

Selection is performed by a simple programming-procedure, which the driver can do from the drivers seat using the shift lever any time the engine is turned off.   

(This chip is not needed for new ShiftSense Pro V2.1 orders as it is already included.  It is offered only as an upgrade path for the original V1 and V2 units.)

Customer Reviews

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Luke Roberts
Exactly what I needed

This chip made me love the SSP so much more. I could never go back to stock now.

Will Faulkner
Like driving an entirely different truck

So happy this is a thing. The only thing I've been disappointed in with my 3rd gen Tacoma was the shifting. It leaves a lot to be desired. After installing my Shift Sense Pro (which took less than 15 minutes after watching the video) the difference is night and day. If you have a 3rd gen Tacoma and you don't have this yet you're messing up.

John Russo
Smoother ride

SSP arrived today. Took about 30 minutes to install. Anyone who knows what they are doing could install it in half the time. Part of my problem was that I cut my finger under the dash and had to go for a band-aid. Careful what you touch under there! Also, there are two silver pipes coming through the firewall. Don't touch as they are hot!

I did not place the box on the side of the center console. I positioned it as far forward and high under the dash as I could. Now it can't be seen, and I the beeping when I move the shift to S is less audible.

In the 2nd position the truck runs smoother. I noticed a little more power, but it's subtle. I like seeing the gear up on the dashboard.

Will try the 3rd position this weekend.

One more thing. The white plug made a clicking sound when I removed it from the shifter under the loosened center console. But the SSP white connector did not make a clicking sound when going in. Make sure you push it in all the way.

Scott Hall

A no brainer for those automatics! Absolutely and awesome product! Cannot be happier!!